Silver and Gold Podcast 24: The Tomorrow Run

The wait is over. In this episode, Roy and Jay review “Blowback” from The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom (vol 1) #1 by Cary Bates, Greg Weisman, Will Conrad, Ivan Nunes, Saida Temofonte, Jason Badower, Kristy Quinn, Gabriel Hardman, Jordan Boyd, and Jim Chadwick. The New 52 Captain Atom can’t live with guilt and does something […]

Charlton Comics Throwback 09: Backfire/Yellowjacket

It’s the official first episode of Charlton Comics Throwback! This episode, Vance and Jay read and review the Captain Atom story “Backfire” from Space Adventures #38 (1961) by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko. Then we tackle “Yellowjacket” from Yellowjacket Comics #1 (1944) by persons unknown! Remember to use the hashtag #SNGPOD when commenting on social media! Follow us on […]