13: Superheropalooza

In this throwback Thursday episode, we reach back just four years to our first podcast. FKAjason, Roy “Charlemagne” Cleary – along with guests Marcus Cleary and Rebecca Ledford – list our top five superheroes. Updated with additional commentary by FKAjason. Listen to us list and discuss our fifteen favorite super-heroes. Music Heart of Gold – […]

DC v Marvel #03: Vance Jones

Roy “Charlemagne” Cleary and his randomizer pit a randomly selected DC character against a randomly selected Marvel character and Vance Jones (of the Silver and Gold Podcast) tries to determine who would win if they fought. Music Split – The Roy Clark Method You’re the Best – Joe Esposito Direct  Link. Also available on iTunes and […]

12: At Last! The Origin of Booster Gold

Like Julius Caesar in 49 BC, FKAjason and Roy “Charlemagne” Cleary cross the Rubicon with Booster Gold, Skeets, Superman, and their new pal Z. Finally, the origin of Booster Gold is revealed by Dan Jurgens, Mike DeCarlo, Nansi Hoolahan, Augustin Mas, and Alan Gold. We then turn our sights on the new Doctor Spectro trying […]

11: The Wreck of X-44

This Throwback Thursday, Vance and Jay discuss “The Wreck of X-44” from Space Adventures #36 by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko. We also touch on DC Universe: Rebirth and the possibility that Captain Atom might be God. Music Heart of Gold – The Roy Clark Method Flying for Me – John Denver Direct Link. Also available on iTunes […]