DC v Marvel 11: Marcus Cleary II

Roy “Charlemagne” Cleary and his randomizer pit a randomly selected DC character against a randomly selected Marvel character and his brother Marcus Cleary returns to try to determine who would win if they fought.

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Split – The Roy Clark Method
You’re the Best – Joe Esposito

Click here to play!

Also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

*Special Thanks to Marcus Cleary for the use of his home as a studio.*



  1. I think Uman (spelling?) would enter the Arena to the tune of the Toadies song, “I Come From the Water”. That is, if he has a choice, and the Randomizer doesn’t just pluck him from wherever he is and deposit him there!


    • The Randomizer is a fickle mistress. I don’t think she cares about what music her victims listen to. Unless it causes them distress. Then she might be into it.

      I think I just gave the Randomizer a gender.


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