21: One Second of War

Vance’s Throwback Thursday returns with him and guest-host FKAjason reviewing “One Second of War” from Space Adventures #38 (Charlton Comics, 1961) by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko.

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Heart of Gold – The Roy Clark Method
War – Edwin Starr

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  1. I’ll give the other tarnished pyrites a chance to answer what the worth of 100 1961 silver dollars is today, but my first instinct to find out was to ask a friend who collects coins, and not to google. Say the word, and I’ll ask him!


  2. But just so you know I did get off my lazy butt and get the info already. I haven’t shared it with Vance though.

    And they were most likely 1960 coins. I think the issue was cover dated Feb 1961.


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