Charlton Comics Throwback 09: Backfire/Yellowjacket

It’s the official first episode of Charlton Comics Throwback! This episode, Vance and Jay read and review the Captain Atom story “Backfire” from Space Adventures #38 (1961) by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko. Then we tackle “Yellowjacket” from Yellowjacket Comics #1 (1944) by persons unknown!

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Flatland – The Roy Clark Method
Bumblebee – Laurie Berkner

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  1. I’m glad Vance nipped that Judy Graves voice in the bud! (Although it could work for an imp from the 5th dimension.) Those must be some big ass bees on the cover since we never saw that Yellowjacket changes size! I hope you guys had a merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!


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