Beetlemania! 04: Blue Beetle (vol 2) #4

Tim and Jay are back, and in this episode, Tim takes us back to 1965 and reviews “The Chlorophyll Man” from Blue Beetle (vol 2) #4. This story, by Joe Gill, Bill Fraccio, Pat Masulli, Tony Tallarico, and Dick Giordano, features the Dan Garrett version of Blue Beetle and the debut of the Praying Mantis Man! Remember to use the hashtag #SNGPOD […]

DrunkCast 03: Alienthing

NSFW  NSFK  NSFS  NSFAnyone, really With this installment of DrunkCast with Jay, our host reaches back to a time in 2012 when he reached back to a time in 1986. He sloppily, drunkenly reads to you all a “science fiction” “story” he wrote with his buddy Roy when they were 14. This is horrible and […]