Beetlemania! 04: Blue Beetle (vol 2) #4

Tim and Jay are back, and in this episode, Tim takes us back to 1965 and reviews “The Chlorophyll Man” from Blue Beetle (vol 2) #4. This story, by Joe Gill, Bill Fraccio, Pat Masulli, Tony Tallarico, and Dick Giordano, features the Dan Garrett version of Blue Beetle and the debut of the Praying Mantis Man!

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The Bug – Jerry Dallman and the Knightcaps
I Just Called to Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder
Praying Mantis – Don Dixon

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  1. Very enjoyable episode, beetle-boys!

    Praying Mantis Man … I love the 1960s!

    “Faster than sound … almost the speed of light.” Not buying it. For one thing, the speed of light is WAAAAYYYYY faster than the speed of sound. And for another … No. Just no.

    In terms of trying to track down Steve Ditko, I highly recommend Jonathan Ross’ documentary “In Search of Steve Ditko.” In it, Ross (a BBC TV host), along with Neil Gaiman, track down Ditko’s apartment. What happens next … you have to watch the documentary to find out. It is available on You Tube, by the way.

    Loving the show … keep up the good work!

    — Professor Alan

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  2. Yeah, this is more like it! I can’t speak for anyone else (who wouldn’t agree with more and/or strongly disapprove of how I said it and generally protest me as their representative regardless of the content) but I’m really enjoying these Dan Garrett (Garret? *click-click-click* GARRETT.) Blue Beetle stories! They have that insane quality I love about Golden Age comics, but with the more polished and wider screen art of the Silver Age. Praying Mantis Man is a mouthful of period cornball, and yet, his design is so off-puttingly creepy that I dig it a lot. I love that Juanita gets name-checked on the cover of a comic still deep in the Mad Men era, even if there is a strong element of “international flavor-sampling playboy” to her inclusion. Just existing and being addressed by name is still very progressive for those times (and from what I understand, from this company.) If things keep going on this track, you guys may make me a fan of at least one incarnation of Blue Beetle (unless he changes into that proposed costume. Ugh.)

    P.S. I’ve always appreciated The Phantom from afar. That guy could use a podcast. I just ran a check and the closest thing I could find was individual episodes of movie podcasts covering the Billy Zane flick I fell asleep on.

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