Charlton Comics Throwback 12: Test-Pilot’s Nightmare/Abbott & Costello #13

It is Thursday. We have two Charlton comics in front of us. How about the twelfth episode of Charlton Comics Throwback? In this episode, Vance and Jay take a look at “Test-Pilot’s Nightmare” by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko, which first appeared in Space Adventures #39 (April 1961). This is a fairly non-memorable adventure of Captain Atom. Next the boys turn their attention to Abbott & Costello #13 (February 1970). The creative team for that issue was Joe Gill, Anthony Ferme, Tony Tallarico, and Sal Gentile.

This episode contains the results of our special contest/giveaway. Stick around for the feedback for details.

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Flatland – The Roy Clark Method
Who’s on First? – Abbott & Costello
McGuillicutty & Green – The Kids in the Hall

Click here to play episode 12!

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