Silver and Gold Podcast 28: JLMay Part IX


Here’s a head-scratcher. The Justice maxi-series by Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, Doug Braithwaite, Todd Klein, and Joey Cavalieri did not feature Booster Gold or Captain Atom. So why are we reviewing issue nine? Because this podcasting community is freaking awesome! The JLMay event organizers found a back-door way to include Jay and Roy.

This crossover began with Fire & Water #193, then continued into Super Mates #70, The Idol-Head of Diabolu #30, Views from the Longbox #263, Pulp 2 Pixel #60, The LanternCast #279Shazamcast, and Comic Reflections before landing here at Silver & Gold Podcast #28. We do our best with this comic before passing the torch on to Power of Fishnets, Waiting for Doom, and Justice’s First Dawn.

Follow along with our little audio drama with the images below.

Fingers crossed that we’ll be back for JLMay 2018!

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Heart of Gold – The Roy Clark Method
Challenge of the Super Friends Theme – Hoyt Curtin
Justice League Unlimited Theme – Michael McCuistion
Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears

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  1. I was going to leave this comment last week, but my own podcasting got in the way. Really enjoyed the audio drama, and it would be pretty great if we could get everybody to do one of these some year. All the voices were swell, but I especially liked Gorilla Grodd and Black Adam. Also, I hate Shag more now than ever for his rich, dusky Batman growl, emphasis on the Man (you magnificent bastard!)

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  2. Hi Silver and Golders, great job on your share of JLMay. I think you have proven that Alex Ross’s work does not lend itself easily to an aural medium. Thank you for sharing so many pages! I have not read any of this, JLMay is my first exposure to it. This chapter is a little hard to follow, at least the Captain Marvel in and out of mind-control part. This pictures only made it more confusing, regarding Green Lantern’s enveloping Cap. I call foul! Cap’s YELLOW boots should have been sticking out of the green bubble!


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