Wild Pod: A Wild Dog Podcast Episode 07

In Wild Pod: A Wild Dog Podcast, FKAjason covers the legendary DC Comics action hero Wild Dog, from his initial 1987 four-issue mini-series and beyond. In this episode, Jay covers the 1988 Wild Dog appearances in Action Comics Weekly #603 amd #604 by Max Allan Collins, Terry Beatty, John Nyberg, Michelle Wolfman, Gaspar Saladino, and Barbara Kesel. These segments were recorded for Chad Bokelman’s Action Comics Weekly Podcast. So put your earbuds in and spend the next 45 minutes finding out what makes Wild Dog great.

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Wild – Troy Sivan
Raised by Wolves – U2

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One comment

  1. I decided to break down and actually read the Action Comics Weekly stories, if for no other reason than to give me something to comment on besides Chad’s schoolgirl giggling.

    1) Dave Gibbins does a solid Wild Dog. Tough character to screw up, though.

    2) He also looks good against a red sky in silhouette with a grappling hook, but again, so do most characters.

    3) I’m already done with the 601 story? Jesus. Well, I’ll say it was convenient.

    4) Wait, is Lou Goddar a play on Do Gooder?

    5) John Nyberg isn’t half the inker Dick Giordano is on a technical level, as the work now looks awkward in a very small press sort of way. That said, it works better on this particular strip since it needs a bit more of a rough hewn quality. Giordano made it look like Sears Catalog vigilantism. Nyberg skews it more ’80s exploitation.

    6) Is “entering his second childhood” a double entendre?

    7) I appreciate Collins’ half-assed attempt at being topical with the anti-pornography brigade, but it still comes across as hollow. For starters, every character vocally disavows any interest in porn and the crusaders are so extreme that even Vogue is lumped in as smut. It’s all too cartoonish and moralizing while also being strangely vague about specifics. Never knew a mechanic to be so disinterested in pictures of naked chicks.

    8) Edwin Meese is still alive. Huh. I’d have thought he’d have croaked by now.

    9) Not much more wild about the cover to 604 than I was for the early issues of the Punisher’s ongoing. Still the terrorists have cool outfits and only one person doesn’t wear a featureless mask while carrying an automatic. Tough to louse that up. Klaus Janson ink textures are nice, too.

    10) The kids are referred to as teenagers, so maybe they’re just runty. Mac and his brother were still in grade school when they were hanging out at my shop after hours. NBD.

    11) Lt. Flint really is the worst. Lecturing Jack one minute, green-lighting undercover operations and Wild Dogging the next. His moral high horse must look like a camel for all his jumping on and off.

    12) Things that wouldn’t happen in 2017: every major character having a favorite newsstand, much less they’re all going to the same one.

    13) Wild Dog managed to show up for a random shipping truck hijacking? The terrorists had never struck a mobile target before. Why would he even be looking for that?

    14) First legit action sequence in three issues? C’mon!


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