Wild Pod: A Wild Dog Podcast Episode 08

In Wild Pod: A Wild Dog Podcast, FKAjason covers the legendary DC Comics action hero Wild Dog, from his initial 1987 four-issue mini-series and beyond. In this episode, Jay covers the 1988 Wild Dog appearances in Action Comics Weekly #605 and #606 by Max Allan Collins, Terry Beatty, John Nyberg, Michelle Wolfman, Gaspar Saladino, and Mike Gold. The first segment was recorded for Chad Bokelman’s Action Comics Weekly Podcast. So crank up the volume on your iTunes and spend the next half hour finding out what makes Wild Dog great.

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Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf
Walking the Dog – Rufus Thomas

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One comment

  1. Collins bit back at my calling Wild Dog out on knowing about the attack on the shipping truck with a credible rationale! Wild Dog also seems to benefit from short serialized chapters, playing to Collins’ experience with newspaper strips. Glad the supporting cast from the mini-series is still being used in a meaningful way. Terry Beatty is competent, mostly, except for that poorly choreographed action sequence at the paper.


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