Silver and Gold Podcast 35: Tortured Options

FKAjason and Roy “Charlemagne” Cleary are back with more classic Booster Gold and Captain Atom! First they discuss “Tortured Options” from Booster Gold (vol 1) #22 by Dan Jurgens, Ty Templeton, Gene D’Angelo, Steve Haynie, and Barbara Randall. It’s Booster and the Justice League versus a giant Silly Putty man.

After that we check in with Red Tornado and discuss “The Big Blowout” from Captain Atom (vol 1) #16 by Cary Bates, Greg Weisman, Pat Broderick, Bob Smith, Shelley Eiber, Duncan Andrews, and Dennis O’Neil. Captain Atom fights a hurricane.

Guest Stars: Aliens from Dimension X, Goldstar, Martian Manhunter, Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, Rocket Red, Mr. Miracle, Black Canary, Red Tornado

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Heart of Gold – The Roy Clark Method
Who’s That Girl? – Madonna
Father Figure – George Michael
Rock You Like a Hurricane – Scorpions


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