Silver and Gold Podcast 31: Showdown

We return to classic Booster Gold and Captain Atom! First FKAjason and Roy “Charlemagne” Cleary discuss “Showdown” from Booster Gold (vol 1) #18 by Dan Jurgens, Mike DeCarlo, Gene D’Angelo, John Costanza, Barbara Kesel, and Jerry Ordway. It’s Booster versus Broderick, the cop from the future. After that we discuss “The Dark Side of the Force” from Captain […]

Silver and Gold Podcast 30: Mission Creep

FKAjason and Roy “Charlemagne” Cleary are back to discuss some of their favorite super heroes! First on deck is “Dream of Terror” from Booster Gold (vol 1) #17 by Dan Jurgens, Arne Starr, Gene D’Angelo, Bob Lappan. Barbara Randall, and Bruce D. Patterson. It’s Booster, Hawk, and Cheshire having some good clean desert fun. Then the SNGPOD team switches to […]

Silver and Gold Podcast 29: Fresh Start

It’s back to classic Booster Gold with “Fresh Start” by Dan Jurgens, Bob Lewis, Albert DeGuzman, and Barbara Randall from Booster Gold (vol 1) #16. Booster moves into his new mansion/headquarters and ticks off no less than three people. Then we cover “Quantum Mechanic” by Cary Bates, Greg Weisman, Will Conrad, Ivan Nunes, Saida Temofonte, Kristy Quinn, […]

Silver and Gold Podcast 27: Yabba-Dabba-Don’t!

Sorry for the delay, folks. Life gets in the way of podcasting sometimes. With that said, OMG April was a great month for both our heroes! First we had “Booster Trouble” by Mark Russell, Rick Leonardi, Scott Hanna, Steve Buccellato, Dave Sharpe, Marie Javins, Brittany Holzherr, Michael Allred, Laura Allred, Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund, and […]

Silver and Gold Podcast 26: Runback

Listen to Roy and Jay via the world’s most sensitive microphone as they discuss “Runback” from Booster Gold (vol 1) #15 by Dan Jurgens, Bob Lewis, Bruce D. Patterson, Gene D’Angelo, Augustin Mas, and Barbara Randall. Jay fights a cold as the two then discuss “Back to the Future” from The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom (vol 1) #3 […]

Charlton Comics Throwback 11: The Force Beyond/The Enigma

It’s the eleventh episode of Charlton Comics Throwback and our second special guest! This episode, Vance and Jay read and review the Captain Atom story “The Force Beyond” from Space Adventures #38 (1961) by Joe Gill and Steve Ditko. Then Herbert Fung joins us for “The Enigma” from Charlton Bullseye #1 (1981) by Benjamin Smith, Dan Reed, B. Pearson, Al Val, […]

Silver and Gold Podcast 25: Past Imperfect

Roy “Charlemagne” Cleary and FKAjason return to review “A Future Lost” from Booster Gold (vol 1) #14 by Dan Jurgens, Mike DeCarlo, John Costanza, Gene D’Angelo, and Barbara Randall. Booster’s in the future and on the run from the cops. Then we review “Past Imperfect” from The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom (vol 1) #2 […]