Beetlemania! 02: Secret Origins (vol 2) #2

Tim and Jay are back! In this episode, Tim reveals his secret origin and reviews “Echoes of Futures Past” from Secret Origins (vol 2) #2. This story, by Len Wein, Gil Kane, Anthony Tollin, John Costanza, Julius Schwartz, first appeared in 1986 (with a cover by Ed Hannigan, Gil Kane, Ricardo Villagran) and features both the Dan Garrett and Ted Kord versions of Blue […]

Wild Pod: A Wild Dog Podcast Episode 04

I am Wild Dog In Wild Pod: A Wild Dog Podcast, FKAjason covers the legendary DC Comics action hero Wild Dog, from his initial 1987 four-issue mini-series and beyond. In this episode, Jay covers Wild Dog #3, by Max Allan Collins, Terry Beatty, Dick Giordano, Michele Wolfman, John Workman, and Mike Gold. Slide into your favorite chair and […]

12: At Last! The Origin of Booster Gold

Like Julius Caesar in 49 BC, FKAjason and Roy “Charlemagne” Cleary cross the Rubicon with Booster Gold, Skeets, Superman, and their new pal Z. Finally, the origin of Booster Gold is revealed by Dan Jurgens, Mike DeCarlo, Nansi Hoolahan, Augustin Mas, and Alan Gold. We then turn our sights on the new Doctor Spectro trying […]