DC v Marvel

On May 11, 2016, Roy began this spin-off series. DC v Marvel pits a randomly selected DC Comics character against a randomly selected Marvel Comics character. Each episode features a guest analyst.

01/25/2017 – DC v Marvel 15: MTC II

The Thing (Marvel) v Vibe (DC)

11/18/2016 – DC v Marvel 14: Tim Vance II

John Constantine (DC) v Madame Webb (Marvel)

11/11/2016 – DC v Marvel 13: Vance Jones III

Nina Price, Vampire by Night (Marvel) v Blok (DC)

10/30/2016 – DC v Marvel 12: MTC

Baron Bedlam (DC) v Snowbird (Marvel)

10/5/2016 – DC v Marvel 11: Marcus Cleary II

Dr. Fate (DC) v U-Man (Marvel)

09/21/2016 – Dc v Marvel 10: Paul Hix II

Enforcer (Marvel) v Barbara Gordon (DC)

09/02/2016 – DC v Marvel 09: Tim Vance

Kobra (DC) v Strong Guy (Marvel)

08/17/2016 – DC v Marvel 08: Vance Jones II

Shathra (Marvel) v Mantis Morlo (DC)

08/03/2016 – DC v Marvel 07: Paul Vance

Cheshire (DC) v Hitman (Marvel)

07/29/2016 – DC v Marvel 06: Paul Hix

Cyclotron (DC) v Black Cat (Marvel)

07/15/2016 – DC v Marvel 05: Marcus Cleary

Broot (DC) v Vertigo (Marvel)

07/01/2016 – DC v Marvel 04: Teo Lewis

The Icicle (DC) v Karnak the Shatterer (Marvel)

 06/17/2016 – DC v Marvel 03: Vance Jones

Superboy (DC) v Devil Dinosaur (Marvel)

05/19/2016 – DC v Marvel 02: Cameron Lewis

The Toyman (DC) v Venom (Marvel)

05/11/2016 – DC v Marvel 01: Roy “Charlemagne” Cleary and FKAjason

Fury (DC) v Master of the World (Marvel)