Wild Pod: A Wild Dog Podcast Episode 01

Folks, it is finally here. In Wild Pod: A Wild Dog Podcast, FKAjason covers the legendary DC Comics action hero Wild Dog, from his initial 1987 four-issue mini-series and beyond. In this episode, Jay covers Wild Dog #1, by Max Allan Collins, Terry Beatty, Dick Giordano, Michele Wolfman, John Workman, and Mike Gold. Strap in and listen and you’ll find out what makes Wild Dog great.

This episode features the voices of the Irredeemable Shag and Diabolu Frank. Sorry about the Shag part, but Frank has some great Wild Dog insights.

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Move it On Over – George Thorogood and the Destroyers

The Wild Boys – Duran Duran

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  1. Started listening to the episode weeks ago, stopped at the story synopsis, but recently dug my copies of the mini-series out of the longbox. I finished the show last week, but then Secret Origins 50 happened, so I’m just now commenting. Unfortunately, I’m soaking in the bathtub right now, and the issues are in a bag & board in my messenger bag in my car because I read through halfway into the second issue during lunch breaks at work. So I guess my only comment for now is that I enjoyed the first episode and will listen to the rest so long as there isn’t any more time wasted on that Douchebag Franq guy.

    P.S. The good part about working far ahead on DC Bloodlines is I already know this show will get a plug on the episode after next because it’s already in the can.


    • No plans to waste time on this Franq character in the future, unless he leaves comments. I’ve already wrapped episode 2, which will drop Monday. I am anxious to hear any thoughts you have to share on the comics themselves. I’m very pleased myself to rediscover I actually do like the BAD ASS that is Wild Dog and wonder if anyone else actually likes him.


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